Production Made in Italy


Textile district of Castel Goffredo

Pole of excellence of Made in Italy   

The textile district of Castel Goffredo includes a wide area of Mantua in which is concentrated the production of seamless underwear and socks. The district includes urban districts in the province of Brescia, Cremona and Mantua .



Production specialization  

The economic specialization of this area consists in the production of seamless underwear and hosiery articles, but also of all the mechanics necessary for their production.

The sector also works with companies specialized in fiber production and finishing. For years, the structure of this area has been the characteristic of the industrial districts, with the horizontal integration between micro and macro business, with simultaneous presence of some leading brands such as Golden Lady, Sanpellegrino, Calzedonia, and from a dense network of small businesses and family-run workshops dedicated to some phases of the production cycle (almost 80%).



Characteristics of the textile district

The strengths of the district are related to the culture, technological expertise, procurement of specific services and to skilled workers.




The production 100 % Made in Italy of Body&Co articles is a guarantee of quality, the excellence of our cosmetotextiles is the result of constant attention to all steps of the production processing. 

Each piece borns from a preliminary design study, characterized by the search of the most modern and fine yarns with an excellent performance in the work, to go further to the weaving, made with the circular machines by Santoni. 

The resulting fabric is sewn and put inside of the rotary Flaynox, whose job is to dye and apply the microcapsules to the garments. 

The production chain of Body&Co cosmetotextiles ends with manual packaging and the warehouse storage of the final products.