SGNetshop founders have a twenty-year experience in shaping underwear industry. They created a new brand, Body&Co, for man and woman underwear, shaping seamless underwear, sportswear and wellness products. Body&Co articles, that are made exclusively in Italy, combines innovative technologies and quality with the concept of well-being.


Seamless underwear manufacturing process makes use of knitting electronic circular machines from 13 to 18 inches, which create a tubular structure that allows to shape body without deformation.


With a 1500 sqm warehouse, SGNetshop supervises the whole process-control. From the productive process up to the manufacturing process, from packaging to  logistics, and it guarantees an excellent quality control.


R&D area periodically plans new proposals using hi-tech innovative solutions in order to give an attractive commercial offer in terms of performance and style.


This is the case of Caffeine microcapsules; shaping panties contain caffeine microcapsules meant to be released on the body surface while wearing these garments


This innovative microencapsulation technology enables an optimized fixation of microcapsules on the woven fabric. The garments  gradually release their active ingredients on the human body, most likely by friction or pressure. These active ingredients burn fat in excess so that you can get a more tonic body in only few days.





Find the perfect fit.


Reference the Body&Co size charts to find the right size for you!