Wearable body care

Cosmetotextile are smart fabrics having built-in special microcapsules with cosmetic properties. Gradually releasing the active ingredients contained in the microcapsules, cosmetotextile act on the body with proven beneficial effects. 

Body & Co has a cosmetotextile line with integrated caffeine microcapsules including seamless girdles, shorts, leggings and underwear  with lipo-reducing technology. The cosmetotextile Body & Co., thanks to the integrated caffeine microcapsules, supports and shapes the body while letting your skin breathe. Moreover, in direct contact with the skin, cosmetotextile line  has a targeted action on the body with an anti-fatigue, fat-burning, anti-cellulite and firming effect. Finally, it helps to fight the cellulite blemishes and reshape the silhouette.

Each  Body & Co cosmetotextile product is designed to offer maximum comfort thanks to the absence of seams that avoids annoying panty lines or irritation and leaves maximum freedom of movement.

Comfortable and discreet, the cosmetotextile products with caffeine microcapsules can be worn under normal clothes. To ensure maximum effectiveness of  Body & Co cosmetotextile lineis necessary to periodically recharge the caffeine microcapsules.

Body & Co. offers a complete range of shaping garments designed to contouring tummy, waistline and hips and give a push-up effect at breast and buttocks.

These garments, made with exclusive seamless technology, are without seams and guarantee maximum fit.  Also, being made from natural fibers, underwear shaping products of this line are antibacterial and breathable. Moreover, thanks to the built-in abdominal bands exert a strong contenitive effect on body critical areas.


The tank top and body sculpting models are particularly effective to contain and reshape belly and hips. Moreover, being free of side seams, these garments can be worn comfortably under any outfit. The slimming bands of which they are equipped with, make these modelling garments an effective support to slim and shape your body and waistline.


The line also includes modeling and slimming leggings and shorts in various models and lengths including shorts, slimming girdles and massaging shaping leggings. These slimming garments are designed to contour  the waist, shape your thighs and give a push-up effect to the buttocks.



The women slimming and  anti-cellulite underwear line consists of a revolutionary range of products, both in milk fiber and microfiber, with multi-benefits effect.


 The garments of this line  thanks to the special textile weaving with raised dots and smooth zone, take advantage of the daily body movements to create a pleasant massaging sensation that helps to fight the blemishes caused by cellulite. Thanks to the absence of seams, the anti-cellulite, slimming women garments shape your silhouette without irritate.


The garments o this line  stimulate the blood circulation and promote the  drainage of toxins and excess fluid retention, helping to reduce the fat deposits.


The range includes several models of slimming and massaging  shorts  in various colors, lengths and sizes, including milk fiber or microfiber shorts and anti-cellulite slimming high waist girdles. The  range also include slimming and modelling bodysuit  with large shoulders and two modelling  top tank  models, one open-bust and the other with push-up effect on the breast.


The different models of slimming girdles  exert a shaping, supporting action able to contouring the critical areas. Discreet and invisible under clothes, can be worn easily in every moment of the day. 

The Body & Co Women's Sport line includes a range of slimming leggings for sports. These garments are made with a special fabric containing fat burning caffeine microcapsules. With the movements of the body during physical activity, the fabric gradually releases the caffeine microcapsules   promoting the drainage of fluids and stimulate the fat burning process, slimming and smoothing the critical areas of every woman.

The garments of the Body&Co sports line are made with exclusive seamless technology: the absence of seams allows maximum comfort during any physical activity. Made with variety of breathable and stretchable fabrics which are more comfortable and provide more ease of movement.

The Sports slimming Body &co line  includes several articles in differ lengths: sports legging, capri and short all with caffeine microcapsules.


The supporting underwear  Body & Co. line for men exerts a slimming action on the whole body by the gradual release of the caffeine microcapsules and aloe vera contained in the fabric. Each garments of the line is made of natural hypoallergenic cotton and thanks to the absence of seams, provides maximum comfort. 


The men underwear Body&co shapes, reduces,  tummy and hips, flatten the chest and reduces waistline to get the shape you want. 


The line includes: Man Tummy Control Belt with caffeine microcapsules, manshape high-waist support brief  and support boxer with caffeine microcapsules. Boxer and brief thanks to the high-waist band exert a strong compressive effect on tummy and waistline.


The last article of men's underwear Body & Co is the compression top tank  with aloe vera, available in the modeling version or with built-in belt for an increased compressive action.

All the Body&Co Cosmetotextiles can be washed in the washing machine with a gentle program max 30°C, (do not bleach). Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.


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